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Why an ONLINE Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Online Yoga Training course provides you flexibility and convenience if you don't have time & resources to travel away for a month long course at an exotic location. Learn and practice at your own pace,comfort & time.

Are 200 Hours enough to become a yoga teacher?

Yoga is a life long learning process and require years to master. You will evolve each and every day. Our YTTC is like planting a seed in your mind which will evolve into a tree with proper nurturing and practice. How good a teacher you become depends upon your commitment and passion to learn. SSV Yoga will be always there to help and mentor you ever after you graduate.

For any reason if i wish to cancel my registration, do i get the payment made refunded?

Payments are non-refundable .

I am not sure about becoming a teacher can i still join?

SSV yoga courses are designed for anyone that wants to evolve and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life physically, emotionally and spiritually. Many of our participants join to deepen their understanding of life and yoga and many end up teaching , inspiring and transforming their own and others life.

I am not flexible /overweight/ have injuries , Is it a problem?

It is NORMAL as everyone has an injury, a physical limitation or weight challenge. Everybody is different and we respect that you are not expected to do all the postures just perform as per your capacity . Modifications and alternatives will be suggested. A flexible mind is more important than a flexible body.

English is not my first language is it problem?

Not at all. English is the second language for most of the course participants. The course instructions are in English and easily understandable. Our teaching team is international so we welcome people of all levels of language ability, and we are very used to working with people from many different cultures.

Have any question that were not answered?

Write to us on info@ssvyoga.com or fill Contact Us Forum and we will answer them asap.

How does test and evaluation works?

After the sessions complete. You will be teaching an online yoga class at the end of course. If you don't have someone to teach don't worry you can teach your fellow batch members or friends /family. As Your teaching skills are being evaluated. There will also be a written test assignemnt. Test also includes continous assessment of your behavior and conduct during the course towards other students, teachers and the school.

Is test too difficult ? If i dont pass test?

No not difficult at all. In test you will be given freedom to perform and design your own class as a yoga teacher.Important point is your alignment and your teaching skills because you are going to be a yoga teacher. If you work dedicatedly you can easily clear test and become a certified Yoga Teacher. If not you can retake* test (* = on discretion of the management) after more practice.

Is Yoga Alliance certificate valid in my country?

Yoga Alliance is one of the biggest and most recognized global organization with certified teachers all over the world. So yes the certificate is valid all over the WORLD.

Why Fees is LESS?

We are a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance .The course is worth much more physically but in solidarity to current world situation and to make Yoga Accessible to people throught the world we have kept Fees as AFFORDABLE . No hidden charges! We have students and graduates across 45+ countries & 6 continents who have taken Online Yoga Instructor Certification Course with SSV Yoga during these times

Can i ask my doubts in or after class?

Yes of course you can ask doubts anytime! Also after watching the classes you can send us your doubts via email or send your video for evaluation. There will be special live doubt sessions .

I am not sure about online can i have trial?

We also believe teaching best happens in physical setup but due to current world situation we have adapted ourselves pretty well to provide you a real experience. Our teachers FOCUS more on correct alignment and postures for asanas. Yes you can have a free 1 day trial. If you want live private sessions with teacher that can be arranged for 100 Euros subject to time & availability.

I am absolute beginner. Can i join?

The course is oerfect for beginners level as well as intermediate level. You will learn asanas , their correct alignment their different modifications , variations as well so the course is very accessible and suitable for students of all levels. Also there will be different modules as well shaping you to deepen your practice and become a confident teacher.